You are currently viewing epoxy flooring for your pharmaceutical cleanrooms

epoxy flooring for your pharmaceutical cleanrooms

A pharmaceutical company is a commercial business licensed to research, develop, market and/or distribute drugs, most commonly in the context of healthcare.
Pharmaceutical Industries are at the forefront of scientific progress. Working endlessly to produce, test and research about medications and treatments for better health and life of patients, these industries must ensure cleanliness by avoiding any percentage of contamination. Pharmaceutical research often involves the use of a wide range of concentrated chemicals and dynamic organic compounds, exposing the floor to hazardous germs and bacteria as part of daily operations.
One common way that contaminants are able to enter a facility is on the shoes of our scientists. Dirt, dust, and microbes cling to shoes and then are tracked onto the floor, where they can then be spread throughout the facility by further foot traffic. Having proper shoe covering protocols in place can help to keep this under control. However, cracks in flooring, grout lines, and seams between sheets make it easier for contamination to occur.


One of the best ways to avoid contamination and maintain hygiene in pharmaceutical industries is flooring. Flooring, in general terms, refers to a permanent covering of a floor. Let’s now evaluate a wide spectrum of benefits that flooring mats provide and how June enterprises contributes in delivering you the most unmatched customized epoxy flooring equipment for better working conditions in pharmaceutical controlled environments.

Benefits of Flooring:

1. Prevents contamination – Its reduced floor and air particle / microbial counts prevent over 99% of contamination from entering your critical area
2. Chemical resistant surface – Flooring mats are easy to clean thereby resisting oils, acids and solvents
3. Cost effective – Available in a range of low profile edging systems, June enterprise’s polymeric flooring mats improve yield, cost savings and profitability while reducing the risk of high product rejection rates
4. Improves safety – Its flame retardant feature makes it safe for the researchers to work with flammable substance
5. Increases productivity – Its slip resistance and castor chair resistance makes material movement faster and smoother without any damage to the floor or materials
6. Pleasing surface – Besides being safe and highly productive, flooring also provides a beautiful surface for our researchers to work on. After all, working in a safe and beautiful domain provides peace of mind which leads to efficiency.

Flooring Mats

It is commonly thought that using disposable, adhesive peel off mats, tacky mats or sticky mats is the answer to contamination control. However, tests show that peel off mats are only 27% effective in preventing foot and wheel borne contamination. What you are looking for is Polymeric Mats.
Polymeric flooring is widely used in pharmaceutical, biomedical, automotive, food and healthcare industries. In comparison with other products on the market, levels of particles removed from footwear and retained on flooring were highest for polymeric flooring when compared with a range of different adhesive mats.
The Epoxy flooring and polymeric floor mats by Dycem have been scientifically proven to be the most effective, long lasting and high performance method of minimising contamination that traps up to 99.9% of foot and wheel-borne particulates. With being available in a range of sizes to meet individual needs, then can also accommodate both small corridors and large cleanrooms. Our polymeric mats are environment and pocket-friendly as they can be recycled into less critical applications at the end of their life-cycle and provides controllable and proven lower running costs directly and indirectly.

At June enterprises, we deliver you these efficient epoxy flooring and polymeric floor mats that not only comply with the cleanroom standards but also let you be rest assured regarding it quality and durability. If you too deal with pharmaceutical manufacturing and looking for quality and convenient epoxy flooring and polymeric floor mats, then do connect with us. We are always here to assist you throughout the process.

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