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types of cleanroom wipes

With catering to best medical services, every company or hospital should also inculcate Good Hygiene Practices to curb on the health risks. The fundament of hygiene begins from using the best cleaning equipment and cleanroom supply for your clean room or controlled environment that includes cleaning wipes, sterile, non-sterile and autoclavable tools.

Cleaning wipes are lint free clothes that wipes away maximum dirt and surface contamination. It is always advisable to learn the difference between types of cleaning wipes available in the market as they revolutionize your cleaning experience. When choosing an appropriate wipe, you should define your requirements as: –
  • Do you want your wipes to be for dry or wet cleaning?
  • Do you want lint-free cloth wipes?
  • Do you want soft wipes that won’t damage your products?
  • Do you want your wipes to be resistant against chemicals?
After evaluating your requirements, you can hunt for the suitable cleaning wipes for your clean room classification. Thus, to enlighten our readers with the importance of room cleaner, we are listing down the types of cleaning wipes with their uses: –

Polyester Sterile Cleanroom Wipes

Polyester Cleanroom Wipes or double-knitted dry wipes are the cleanest level of wipes that are widely used in ISO 4 Class 10 and ISO 5 Class 100 cleanrooms. These sterile wipes are made up of 100% filament sterile polyester that have knife cut, laser sealed and ultrasonically cut sealed edges to reduce contamination.


  1. Polyester Wipes-sterile have good absorbency with price performance ratio that emits minimal particles.
  2. They are strong and non-shedding to be used in the most critical applications
  3. They are soft and non-abrasive to be Gamma irradiated for sterility

Polyester Non-sterile Cleanroom wipes

Polyester non-sterile wipes are made up of 100% polyester knitted in a double-knit interlock pattern that caters to excellent absorption and wiping efficiency. These polyester wipes- non-sterile are double bagged that absorbs and retains solvents and chemicals.


  1. Polyester Non-sterile Cleanroom wipes are anti-abrasive with soft texture
  2. They have superb wet strength
  3. They are ultra-lint-free wipes.

Non-woven Sterile Dry cleanroom wipes

Non-woven Dry wipes are sterile, poly-cellulose and lint-free with excellent absorption properties. These non-woven-sterile wipes are either thermally bonded through melt brown material extrusion or made up of blended hydroentangled fibers.


  1. Non-woven Dry cleanroom wipes are economical, durable autoclavable with resistance against harmful chemicals.
  2. They are highly sorbent and exceptionally soft that works well with Isopropyl Alcohol and other solvents.
  3. They are non-scratching and have good absorbency.

Non-woven non-sterile wipes

Non-woven non sterile wipes are made up of 55% cellulose and 45% polyester that works well with Isopropyl Alcohol and other solvents. They are manufactured and packed in a controlled environment of ISO 7 Class 10,000.


  1. Non-woven non-sterile wipes have excellent absorbency and durability.
  2. They are lint-free wipes.
  3. They are perfect for spill control and general-purpose wiping.

Sterile Wipes

Sterile IPA wipes are polynit heat sealed and pre-saturated with 70% USP grade I IPA and 30% WFI. These sterile wipes are Gamma irradiated and validated to a sterility level of 10-6 that caters to maximum efficacy for cleaning and sanitizing clean rooms.


  1. Sterile Wipes is an everyday and specialized contaminated control challenge from critical surface to modular clean room cleaning.
  2. They are perfect for use in aseptic suites that leaves extremely low residue.
  3. They are economic and ready to use paired with sterile IPA liquid and Autoclavable spray bottle
As all the cleaning requirements vary from clean room to clean room, you need to identify your requirement and choose the correct cleaning wipes for your clean room classification.

Thus, for all your clean room dilemmas, June4GMP has got your back. Contact us to enhance your clean room design.

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