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in-depth information about bowie dick test

Laboratory, it’s equipment and devices are used to conduct experiments that are extremely vulnerable to chemicals and any other exposure. It is critical to provide careful attention to all the lab equipment which makes laboratory sterilization necessary. Sterilization and disinfection are different as through the process of sterilization all forms of life and quasi-living biological agents, such as viruses and prions are destroyed and completely removed.
Sterilization refers to killing all the living microorganisms that also include bacterial spores. To measure the success of steam sterilization, Bowie Dick Test is performed. It is usually performed before the pre-vacuum cycle or after the conditioning phase.

Importance of bowie dick test

1. Bowie Dick test also called as a dynamic air removal test that helps in verifying the heat penetration inside the chamber.
2. Belonging to the chemical indicator class 2, the test is effective in removing the air (condensation gases) from the chamber simply because air is a bad conductor of heat.
3. Pockets of cool air acts as a barrier that prevents steam from penetrating the load and Bowie-Dick Test here demonstrates proper air removal.
4. It’s not a substitute for sterility assurance testing and manufacturers recommend running a Bowie –Dick test before you sterilize your first load of the day.

When to perform a bowie dick test?

1. Bowie Dick Test should always be performed before the first processed load each day every time the sterilizer is used.
2. The department or room used for the sterilizer, the same room should be used every time the test is performed.
3. It should be ensured to perform the test after the major repair and every time after the sterilizer is shut down.

Where to place the bowie dick test pack?

1. The test pack should not be placed with any load in the chamber.
2. The chamber used for the bowie dick test should be complete except for the bowie dick test apparatus.
3. The test pack should be placed above the drain on the bottom rack in an empty chamber.

Interpreting the bowie dick test results

1. Once the test pack is successfully placed inside the sterilizing chamber, it is to be left alone for some time.
2. The color change in the test pack interprets the steam penetration and pulls the air out of the autoclave.
3. The FAIL test is indicated by a lighter color change in the center of the pattern than around the edges.
4. The PASS test is indicated by a uniform Black/Brown color over the entire pattern of the indicator sheet.

Reason for failure of bowie dick test

1. In the autoclave chamber, if the air can leak, it will be unable to penetrate by steam to penetrate the load to the point of total sterilization.
2. A warm-up cycle allows the jacket and the chamber to reach a particular temperature and no warm-up cycle may fail of bowie dick test.
3. If the steam traps are not checked, unwanted condensation may lead to cold spots at the base of the autoclave and which may thus lead to wet steam issues resulting in a test failure.
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